Sally Anlin, Principal

Sally Anlin

Sally loves a challenge and thrives on being able to have an impact through supporting and helping others.  Her favorite challenges are those where a team is reeling in a firestorm of technical debt or business ‘shiny objects’ that leave them unable to keep up with the competing demands in today’s IT world.
She is all about sustainability and scalability.  Turning a team mired in technical, process, and/or team dysfunction, that is constantly reacting and putting out fires into a team that proactively responds and delivers is what she does.
Sally has held nearly every role within IT from Unix System Admin to Project Manager to Director working within a wide range of industries and companies of every size.
Sally is an Agile enthusiast and best practices pragmatist. After experiencing many of the ups and downs of Agile introductions, she has developed a multi-faceted approach to its adoption.  She is well versed on a variety of methodologies and believes the best choice is one customized and flexible to a team’s needs.
Sally’s passion is to help transform and transition teams to continually improve and achieve results by combining technical expertise of project management, software development best practices, and process improvement with the human side of culture, team, and individual performance management.

Sally is on Twitter and LinkedIn