Practice Areas

Discrete Disciplines – Holistic Approach

Multiple Disciplines Working Together

At IT Team Transformations, we love all kinds of puzzles.  There is nothing more satisfying than finding the missing element, uncovering the pattern that makes it work, or fitting in that last piece to finally see the complete picture.  Success and goal achievement are life’s puzzles.

It takes multiple disciplines working together to successfully execute and achieve a goal.  The five areas noted above are all essential to sustainable execution.  Sure, through sheer determination and grit you may be able to get things done with one of the pieces missing.  For long-term growth however, you need to be aware of how each area fits together, where your strengths are, and how to uniquely create your whole.

To do this, we

Culture Optimization

Turning around troubled projects or ‘stuck’ teams by understanding your culture and capitalize on your assets, values, and behaviors. Learn More

Strategic Planning

Envision and articulate your goals.  Learn More

Best Practices And Process Improvement

Facilitating the adoption and implementation of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and a variety of software development best practices to maximize efficiencies. Learn More

Individual Performance

Coaching high performing ‘techies’ to excel in the management and leadership world. Learn More

Team Development

Develop your team Learn More