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Just finished reading The Three Laws of Performance by Dave Logan and Steve Zaffron. So much wisdom. Non-traditional wisdom. It is a must-read for any individual or organization that struggles to raise their level of performance. It will provide key insights into the discipline companies and teams can instill to elevate performance, transform desire into determination, and to achieve not just being good, but being great.

As a personal exercise, a few days ago I started writing about when my love for music was extinguished – when my creativity lost.

Today, as I finished the Three Laws of Performance, I am called forth to share this story on this blog.

The subtitle of the Three Laws is ‘rewriting the future’. To rewrite our future and elevate performance, we must first understand our past. To do this, we need to understand who we are – and how we became who we are.

Dave and Steve shared their stories in the book. Here is a part of mine.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”
–Leo Tolstoy
Beginning quote to Chapter 6 of The Three Laws of Performance

So, with this, I will share a part of how I became who I am.

The French Horn

Little girl
Loved music, art, all things creative
Sang, danced, played the piano
Dreams of an eclectic life where misfits followed their dreams playing starring roles

Little girl
The world could be her stage
Not afraid to be a little odd
Loved opera, the classics, while others sang Sesame Street

Little girl growing up
Dreams coming true
5th grade, day materialized
Get to pick my instrument
Learn the next of many

Eagerly enter the gym
Tables full – instruments laid out
Go hold my future in my hands
Gold and silver lined paths to our futures
Kids, parents, teachers walking down paths, trying them out, hand selecting their future

Explored the various paths, but I knew mine
Dreams had told me so
My path was a narrow silver one
Beautiful, sleek, and slender

Ready to pick up my silver lining
No more storms, just beautiful clouds, clouds with silver linings

So excited I could barely contain myself
I knew, knew for years that is what I would play, who I would be

Redirected. Stopped.
Roadblock. Tracks erased. Road removed.

No, no, sally
You, you don’t get to decide
You, you are gifted. Musically inclined.
As a reward, you don’t decide

We need French Horn players
It’s hard – you can do it
Give up your dream for the greater good
No flute for you
Your path has been decided
Your future not just predetermined, determined for you

Shush you selfish little girl
Don’t complain
Hush – don’t feel that way, don’t disagree
Feel honored
You are gifted
So gifted you shall not follow your dream
That, that would be wrong
No silver lined clouds, no simple, sleek path

You don’t get to travel any road
No forks for you to decide – no horizon to chase
You get a gold plated maze
You are strong enough to hold it up
Hush, shush
Circle, circle, circle
This is your destiny – predetermined – determined for you

Shrank. Shushed and hushed.
Dutifully began spiraling inward.
Not looking forward for the fork
Circle, circle, circle

Spiral loosed, tried to veer
Take the path less traveled

Can’t I learn the guitar? Just for fun?
No, sorry, no time
Too frivolous, not right for you

Once more, just want to learn that flute
Just for fun. I’ll still be a good girl.
Play that French Horn

No, sorry.
Calls from school
Trouble, huge trouble
Worried band director
Orchestra outrage
Can’t risk loosing our French Horn

Try to explain, just for fun – just to learn – just to grow – just to follow a dream
No! Hush! Shush!
You silly, selfish little girl
No dreams for you
You are gifted; your value is in being who others need you to be
Your path is predetermined, do not stray, do not dream
Do not be


And with this, I am rewriting my future.
I am learning to play the drums. I am a drummer.
I am transforming my career to create this practice. I am a writer, a speaker, a thought leader. I am here to inspire and transform.
I am following my dream to create environments, in which all people are valued, feel valued.
Guiding great teams, helping others discover their greatness.
People, teams, and companies that make a difference.
Able and capable of infinite possibilities.

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