Stage 1 – Misery

Tribal Leadership is all about language.  Words are used to diagnosis as well as improve culture and ultimately performance.  The ‘Life Sucks’ to ‘Life is Great’ description of the 5 cultural stages very quickly connotes what each cultural stage is like.

I’ve often had difficulty, however, using these words in conversation when describing the cultural stages.  As soon as I get to ‘Life Sucks’, a reaction is generated by those I’m speaking with that stops the flow of conversation.  I’ve tried starting with stage 5, but it just doesn’t seem as effective.

As a personal exercise to find a better (for me) way to describe the stages, I’ve decided to write a poem and create a drawing that imparts the feeling one experiences when at that stage – either as an individual or a tribe.

Here is what I have for Stage 1


Stage 1 - Misery

Misery.  No Worth.

Woe is despicable we.

Resigned.  No hope.  Death.

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