Notes on Leadership – Evolved

The Power of Conversation – of words.

I posted my last blog post/notes on leadership to my Tribal Leadership Approval LinkedIn group. The discussion that took place has completely evolved my notes on leadership.

The last response to my post was from my Approval Triad partner, Denis. He proposed it is not the servant leader that is the leader of the future, but rather a responsive leader.

Although the word servant implies ‘in service’, it also connotes a continuation of a half and half-not class based structure. It flips today’s hierarchical world over, leaving it wobbling on the tip. Rather, Denis proposed we move leadership into conversation: a peer-to-peer conversation in which our responses, not our reactions, lead us all.

Responsive Leadership also resonated with me greatly as 2012 was my year to learn to ‘Respond, not React’. That was my personal leadership challenge in work and in life. It was my definition of leadership as I assessed myself on my daily LEARNS boxes.

The power of conversations – of words.

As I move forward in following my noble cause – to create environments where ALL people are valued, feel valued – my view of leadership is evolving. I realize that my actions to be a servant leader were more a rebellion, a reaction, against the leadership structure I described in my last post. It did not serve me well. In service too easily slides into servitude whose dark side teeters on the edges of enslavement.

As I did in my Montessori-LaoTzu post on leadership, I will summarize my thoughts in poetry

calling forth a world of responsive leadership
bold and daring. thoughtful, careful, reflective

nimble and able
a first responder – trained, certified, quick, fast, carefully reactionary

stepping lightly, solidly into the future
forging, focusing, acting
in response to, for others

always in unison
harmony and discord alike
concert of conversation

calling forth a world of responsive leadership
self-led? Self-directed? Self-managed?

envisioning a new future of responsive leadership
band encircled, active and aware
consciously creating a future of greatness
capable of infinite possibilities

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