A Note on Leadership

I struggle a bit with the connotations of leadership. Given the core of my being is to create environments were ALL people are valued – and feel valued – for their unique contributions to the world, the word leader can strike a dissonant chord that reverberates uncomfortably.

During these times, the word leadership elicits feelings of an exclusive class of people creating a world of haves and have-nots; visions of an elite class of leaders with their worker bees being the class of all others. Kings and Queens in corner offices – feudal rows of grey cubes paving the path to profits.

Quite frankly, the workplace of the past was often built upon that very principle. Not always, but it is a part of our collective workplace history. In the workplace of the future – in the next age of enlightenment – a different type of leadership is required. A new definition of leader shall emerge.

The emergence of this new leader will cultivate remarkably different fields. Ones that will yield even greater, more sustainable harvests.

The leader I’m referring to, and the one that Tribal Leadership creates is the servant leader. The figurative elder – regardless of age – that guides, serves, and supports. The person who knows that leading is not about oneself, but about bringing the whole tribe to a better place.

The leader of the future is within each of us. Innovation, growth, and self directed teams require each of us to acknowledge, see, and grow the leader within. It means we must each step up and be that elder when called forth. Some of us will fill that role more than others, but for us to succeed as individuals, as teams, as tribes, as companies we must each step up and nurture the leader within.

With this, I encourage everyone to take on the 21-day Leadership challenge. I encourage everyone to practice daily leadership activities such as the Daily Boxes. These are not tools for an elite few. They are thoughtful exercises for our minds that will unleash the unlimited potential within us all.

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