Sally's Pondering and Poetry

Day 12: Real humility emerges after arrogance.

Actionable Insight:

Real humility emerges after arrogance.


Write in your journal for 20 minutes about how awesome you are (wallow in your greatness).

Sally's Haiku:

worth.  confidence.  pride.

leader's trust - trust leadership

esteem.  faith's essence.

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20 More Days of Day 11
The next 20 days of Day 11 were wonderfully intense.   The word challenge is particularly appropriate for these ‘days’.  I now prefer to think of the 21 day leadership challenge as the ulta-marathon leadership challenge.   Some days are a comforting and reassuring inquiry.  In the.
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Upping the Ante – Next Generation Scrum

The Scrum Alliance’s gathering coming in May, 2013 has got me thinking. How do we, as IT Professionals, up the ante and take our teams and professional game to the next level of effectiveness?

I submitted the following abstract as a way of answering that question with my personal mission.

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The 10 Days of Day 11

Actionable Insight:

Leadership requires your greatest gift.


Find your great gifts via the 7 Scenes Activity.

Sally's Haiku:  What Happened:

Stuck.  That is what I got when I first watched Day 11.    I originally listened to and attempted Day 11 on Dec 9.  I just couldn’t do.
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