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Sally’s passion is to help transform and transition teams to continually achieve excellence by combining technical expertise of project management, software development best practices, and process improvement with creativity and the human side of culture, team, and individual performance management.

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Leadership connections – Lao Tzu and Maria Montessori

Ever since reading the email signature line of my 1st grade daughter’s Montessori teacher, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I have been desperately wanting and waiting to use it at work, but I had trouble with modifying it in a way that didn’t talk about my colleagues and coworkers as children. This weekend, I was reminded of an even older quote by Lao Tzu. Here are the quotes from two of the world’s greatest teachers of all times.

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Day 3: Values revealed. What infuriates you?

Actionable Insight:

Values revealed. What infuriates you?


Look at your current and past life experiences, what three situations angered you out of proportion?

Sally's Haiku:


Rage spurs sprints into action.

Turns anger into peace.

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