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Sally’s passion is to help transform and transition teams to continually achieve excellence by combining technical expertise of project management, software development best practices, and process improvement with creativity and the human side of culture, team, and individual performance management.

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Day 16: Tribes focus on strategic outcomes.

Actionable Insight:

Tribes focus on strategic outcomes.


Identify a specific and measurable outcome that is an eight or above on the BDS scale (Big Deal Scale).

Sally's Haiku:

as big as Moby

add color to the whiteness

found, not lost, at sea

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Day 14: What I learned.
Passion – the difference maker.              When I fail and when I fly.   Engrossed.  Obsessed.  Unable to let it go.             Haunting my waking hours.             Festering, disturbing my sleep.   Causes that make my cry.  Encounters that unleash            the mama bear  .
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