How We Are Different

We are a bridge


We are a boutique consulting firm which specializes in bridging worlds together.  Constantly curious and asking why, we join divergent goals to a common focus, we unite diverse groups, we link your past with your future.  Just a few of our specialties include:

  • Transitioning successful ‘two guys in a garage’ start ups to thriving teams ready for growth and expansion
  • Facilitating the adoption and implementation of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and a variety of software development best practices
  • Coaching high performing ‘techies’ to excel in the management and leadership world
  • Integrating teams and products through mergers and acquisitions
  • Turning around troubled projects or ‘stuck’ teams

We customize best practices to fit you

We are Agile evangelists – within reason. Although we firmly subscribe to the Agile Manifesto and the benefits of Scrum, we understand that it can’t always be all-or-nothing. We appreciate both sides of the ‘scrum-but’ debate. In fact, we respect and admire those that can do Agile and Scrum in the purist form.

Our strength, however, is in the world in-between.  We take the time to understand your environment and your past.  With a vision of the future, we help you determine what methodology(s) will reap the greatest payoff.  Then we create and implement a framework for team optimization that is self-improving.

We teach you to fish, enabling self-sustaining teams

Self Sustaining Teams

Our goal is to get you to a point where you do not need us.  Yes, a consulting firm is making this bold statement.  Some call it crazy. Others call it foolish.  Still others absurd and insane. Regardless, that is our goal.

See this blog post for more on our inspiration for this philosophy… Tao/Montessori post

We Are Guides

We …

  • Listen
  • Understand
  • Find patterns in chaos
  • Nurture and strengthen what works, eliminate what doesn’t
  • Carefully add people and discipline in the right place, at the right time
  • Work with each person on your team to help discover their greatest value

We do this WITH you and FOR you. There is no one right ‘magic bullet’. We discover who you are and what makes your team tick. Then we take that and create a roadmap to continued greatness.

Through execution, mentoring, coaching, and example, we lead while not creating long-term dependencies. We empower YOU and your TEAM for long term stability and scalability.