About IT Team Transformations

Transforming the world of IT… one team at a time.


How We Work

Envision, Focus, Act

How we work. Envision. Focus. Act. It is integral to everything we do. No matter which of our core practice areas we are working within, we follow this model for inquiry, articulation, focus, and achievement.

Just like most successful frameworks, the power is in its simplicity. Envision, FocusAct is deceptively simple, yet each step takes a concentrated singularity. Relearning and practicing this skill amidst today’s multi-tasking noise is just one of the ways in which we work and how we guide you and your teams to ongoing, optimized achievement.

Great software is created by great teams
Great teams are not made up of  ‘resources’, ‘capital’, or ‘talent’
Great teams are made up of PEOPLE – Human Beings

IT Team Transformations is an independent consulting firm that employs a comprehensive approach to guiding IT teams to accomplish their goals.  We understand that continued growth and achievement of strategic goals is only possible through careful attention to individual people, team cohesiveness, and a continuous application of best practices for process improvement.

Our vision is helping your company realize long-term success by building a foundation for scalable growth and sustainability.

We do this through our mission of developing effective, efficient, and empowered teams that are built to last.

Why We Do What We Do

What drives us?  It continues to evolve for each of us.


Here is what drives Sally.

My core values are freedom, equality, and making a difference.   My purpose is to serve as a guide as the IT world transforms itself to one where ALL people are valued. I believe it is through value that we discover purpose and meaning and achieve success.

I thrive on exploration, challenge, creativity, and a balanced, deep connection with people, ideas, and nature.

My mission is to have a positive impact helping others achieve success by finding their passion, team connectedness, and disciplined achievement.

Oh, and to build some awesome software while doing so!

What We Do

We build companies and teams that last, continually evolving to nail any challenge.


  • Discover the core values that bring meaning to you as individuals and as a team
  • Clearly articulate your mission and break it into executable 90-day micro-strategies
  • Uncover the value in and elevate the impact of each person on the team
  • Identify the roles that each team needs to thrive, from both a skills and culture perspective
  • And most importantly …

Together, we make it happen!